Leadership Skills practiced between Action Learning Sessions

Working with four Action Learning groups comprised of senior managers of eGOV Jamaica, I asked group members to continue practicing their selected leadership skills between Action Learning sessions. I was amazed at the reported outcomes reported when members were asked at the subsequent session to give an account of their efforts, the impact and the learning they had gained from doing this. Other members were inspired to select certain leadership skills when they heard their colleagues report on successes in the workplace. In one case a member, seeing how well this worked, proposed another skill to be added to the list – one she considered critical to the organization and needed to be developed. Members also started looking more closely at their colleagues’ practice of the skills on the job. Each group had five sessions which gave ample opportunity for on-the-job practice between sessions and reporting back to the group. I had seen Mike Marquardt do this with his Action Learning groups and I had tried it but with no great emphasis. This time I did it mindfully and the results were positively astounding!

Verieux Vow Mourillon, FCIPD, GPHR, SALC

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