Message from the Chief Learning Officer

Welcome to Action Learning University!  All of our learning programs are based on the principle that we “act our way into learning” rather than using the traditional instructional method of “learning our way into acting.”  Based upon thousands of successful programs worldwide, action learning recognizes that all skills and any significant learning can best occur through the action learning process of questioning and then reflecting on the experience of the individual, group, organization or community.

AL University is built on the WIAL (World Institute for Action Learning) methodology which includes six components: (1) an urgent, complex problem, (2) a diverse group of 4-8 members,(3) a questioning, reflective working process, (4) developing systems-based strategies and actions, (5) learning at the individual, group and organizational level, and (6) a certified action learning coach.

AL University Programs have been offered to and implemented by leading global corporations and top-rated public institutions. We look forward to offering you our world-class action learning programs.

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