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In today’s world of rapid change, leaders and organizations must evolve faster than the white- water rapids we are cascading through. Organizations that simply try to improve on the current benchmark will not survive, they must invent the products and methods that will define the new standard. To do this, they must shift to being a learning organization with leaders that have a learning mindset, that is open to change. The flexibility and robustness of action learning leads to agile leaders, agile teams, and ultimately agile learning organizations.

The power of Action Learning

Action Learning is an effective process for solving critical and complex problems. At the same time, it develops leadership competencies, building cohesive teams, and expands organizational capabilities. Within Action Learning, teams see the agile behavior evolve naturally. Action Learning teams are made up of four to eight people with diverse perspectives examining deep organizational challenges to identify breakthrough solutions while they are developing and learning as leaders. The two rules of Action Learning encourage the use of questions and reflective learning, both of which are paramount to being an agile leader. The first rule is that statements can only be made in response to questions. The use of truly curious questions is stimulated because – it is the questions we don’t know the answers to that will let us determine the underlying problem. The second rule is that the learning coach can intervene whenever there is the opportunity for learning which encourages the deep reflection. Action Learners see opportunity in every situation. Experimenting and failing is no longer feared but embraced and seen as an opportunity to excel.

Learning Management System

Learn Dash LMS allows you to work the programs at your own pace. The programs are designed to give you everything you need to deliver the workshops. Including lifetime access to delivery material.

Both the Leading with Questions and Building the Learning Organization workshops are designed to be delivered by WIAL Certified Action Learning Coaches. If you have taken either program in the past – Contact Us.

If have an Action Learning workshop that you would like to deliver a train the trainer program here – Contact Us.

Dr Bea Carson

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